The Black Hoodie Is Part Of The Deception And His Ensemble Is One Aspect Of Using Something Real To Conceal What Is Actually Taking Place.

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Going back a few weeks to this piece I wrote about Elliots hoodie and what this garment represents in both his real world and memories that might be a skewed version of what actually happened: What this does is ties everything to his current unstable state of mind and the black hoodie becomes his entire style narrative both past and present. The black hoodie is part of the deception and his ensemble is one aspect of using something real to conceal what is actually taking place. There are many visual aspects to Elliots incarceration that meant it was pretty easy to work out that he wasnt really laying low at his moms house; from the group sessions to Elliots visitors sitting opposite him in such a manner that suggests some form of imprisonment whether jail or a mental hospital.His usual attire is one that helps him blend into the world and while orange sure is a bold color, because everyone else is wearing the same thing it means Elliot can fade into the many. Stylistically this season of Mr. Robot hits those highs and every episode is a visual treat, but much like Angela in front of that painting the audience is left unmoored and out at sea. For every incredible sequence such as the heist in episode 6, Elliots Adderall binge or his dinner fantasy there has also been this extended period of Elliot living another lie and the cyclical argument within his mind has unfortunately felt rather repetitive. The orange jumpsuit reveal is far less a surprise and more like a relief and even though Rami Malek has been doing some amazing things this season it has also been frustrating to watch another narrative ruse like this. The focus shifting on to Angela, Darlene and Dom has been rewarding, but isolating Elliot in this way and then pulling an ah ha! moment does little to restore confidence in how Elliots alienation has been presented this season. Finding out that he is getting released soon just as his real location is confirmed is encouraging and it will be a welcome sight to see him actually wear his hoodie again. Emma Fraser is the creator of TV Ate My Wardrobe and spends most of her time writing about TV, fashion and costuming; Abbi and Ilanas Broad City style, the wigs on The Americans and Mindy Lahiris pajamas are just as vital as talking about 90s, 00s teen shows.

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